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We aim to positively impact people’s lives by connecting talent with opportunity through a well-managed, honest, ethical recruitment process.


We are forming long lasting relationships with industry professionals and hiring companies, ensuring that we completely understand their requirements when looking for the right connection of talent and value. We aim to be the go-to partner for clients and candidates within this exciting industry sector.


At Sterling Staffing Solutions we are absolutely committed to a consultative, transparent, and personal approach to our recruitment process.

We are committed to helping our clients attain, train and retain their perfect match to help their business grow and flourish.

Our process marries market leading technology with our psychological and corporate expertise to guarantee you the best quality candidates, matched to your team and corporate dynamic, in an enviable timeframe. 


Our team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clients for any needs they may have.


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GP Northampton




£80,000 - £82,000

We are seeking a experienced General Practitioner (GP) with exceptional professional skills and knowledge to provide a high standard of primary and continuing medical care to our client in Northampton starting as soon as possible on a permanent basis.

ITU Nurses


Several locations



Are you a qualified Registered Nurse with experience in ITU settings and looking for an opportunity to advance your career, skills and care of your patient?

If you are a compassionate individual with friendly personality always ready to go an extra mile to ensure your patients' comfort and well being, we have the perfect job for you!

We are looking for a Registered Nurse to join our dynamic dream team of healthcare professionals to provide the highest quality care making critical decisions and leading on clinical issues within a person-centered care model.

Clinical Director


This post is permanent in London


£78,000 - £82,000 per year

We are looking for an experienced and ambitious Clinical Director to join our clients busy team! As a Clinical Director, you will be responsible for organizing and overseeing people and programs at our clients facility.

In addition, your duty will be to train and supervise others, manage technology and plan and implement budgets and strategies.

Bullying in work places

Recognise that criticism or personal remarks are not connected to your abilities. They reflect the bully's own weaknesses, and are meant to intimidate and control you. Stay calm, and do not be tempted to explain your behaviour.

Survival Tips for Parents Who Now Must Work from Home

If your home has suddenly become your new workplace and your children’s school or nursery, then your communication skills will be in greater demand than ever before: both with your boss and your family members.

How to Keep Your Team On Track

Working from home is great, but it also comes with many unique struggles that can impact productivity and hinder growth. According to Buffer’s 2019 State of Remote Work survey, 17 percent of respondents reported that communication and collaboration as their greatest struggle working remotely while 8 percent of workers said that motivation was their biggest adversity.


Sterling Staffing Solutions prides itself on being competitive and via our efficient process of merging the personal touch with market leading software we can beat most other recruitment companies considerably on price, whilst also offering a tailored and quality service designed to meet your needs.


Sterling Staffing Solutions prides itself on specialising in executive and management procurement. 


Your business needs not only leadership from people who are qualified and experienced, but also who can integrate with your existing team and innovate to find solutions and build your business. 

Our process is tailored to executive recruitment. We know these are some of the most difficult team members to find, the most costly to replace, and have the biggest impact on your business' structure, culture and success.

Utilising our local and international contacts we specialise in those hard to fill positions that require that truly one in a million candidate. 

Every Sector, Every Executive Role.

Contact us now to discuss your needs and learn why we are the right choice to fulfil them. 



Sterling Staffing Solutions takes pride in being owned by medical professionals and its experience in the industry. 

We are able to cater to all needs in the healthcare environment and sub-specialise in medical and management permanent placements. 

Whatever your need, public or private, permanent or contract, through our process we are able to source and provide the best quality professionals for your organisation.

For all enquiries please contact our team:

Telephone - 01492 550 890

Email - info@sterlingstaffing.solutions

Our Public Opening Times are 09:00 - 17:00 daily excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Upon becoming a client you will receive 24/7 priority access to our team through a private number available every day of the year excluding Christmas and New Years Day.

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