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Whatever sector you are skilled in we at Sterling Staffing Solutions are proud to say we treat all our clients and candidates with respect and put your personal well-being at the forefront of all of our business and placement decisions. We believe that you deserve to work for a business where you can thrive and be a valued member of whatever team you become a part of. 

We work with you to help you realise your potential and make the process as supported as possible. We offer free full access to our instructional material for interviews and CV writing. We can also help guide you to areas to build your skills and CV. 

To give you the best chance to succeed we do things a bit differently to other recruitment and staffing agencies. We go into detail about what you want, what your aspirations are, and your previous experiences in the workplace. Please be assured that our team is made up of professionals and all information you share with our team is confidential.

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To get started with Sterling Staffing Solutions get in touch with our team. They will ask you for your current and up to date CV with all relevant experience and qualifications. 

Once we have identified a job with the right qualification and experience requirements we will contact you to see if you are interested and conduct an on-boarding interview. 

The on-boarding interview includes qualification and identity checks, and further questions about yourself, preferences and previous experiences in the workplace; this helps us to find a team that you will fit in well with. 


Following the on-boarding interview if you are suitable for the role we will conduct a preparation interview. The preparation interview includes guidance on your CV, and discussing the formal interview process if the client has requested to conduct a formal interview themselves.

Your CV and our recommendation is then sent to the employer. If an interview is required with them you will receive details and attend this with our support. 

Following interview you will then be informed of the result of your application. 

After placement we will check up on you to see how things are going in your new workplace after 2 weeks, however if you have any concerns you can contact us.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions:

Telephone - 01492 550 890

Email - info@sterlingstaffing.solutions

Our Public Opening Times are 09:00 - 17:00 daily excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays.

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FLT Driver (Permanent)


North Wales, North West, West Midlands



FLT Drivers needed to join an established team across the North Wales, North West, and West Midlands regions. Competitive salary.

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Company House No : 12329428

Sterling Staffing Solutions | Recruitment Agency | North Wales

Sterling Staffing Solutions | Recruitment Agency | North Wales