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The Seven second rule.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Today we will look at the top 7 tips to get your CV noticed by recruiters.


Does your CV pass the seven second test?

When it comes to applying for your dream role, you don’t have long to impress. In fact, research show that recruiters and hiring companies spend somewhere between five and seven seconds on average looking at a candidate’s CV.

So how can you ensure your application lands in the ‘yes’ pile??

Don't worry !!! Here’s our guide on passing the seven second CV test:

1| Capture the reader’s attention

Your goal should be a sleek and professional document that is around one A4 page long, and contains your contact information clearly.

No matter what job you’re applying for, always tailor your CV to include relevant examples showing the recruiter that you’re right for the role

2| Follow a logical, easy to navigate layout

Don’t bury your key points in layers of waffle. Place emphasis on the information you want employers to see first, and always use a logical order throughout.

If you haven’t got a lot of previous experience, focus on your personal statement, qualifications and skills instead. If you have done a similar role, leave your education details to later on.

3| Ditch the clichés

Recruiters are just as bored of reading the same old stock phrases as you are of writing them. You are aiming to stand out as the most appropriate candidate for the job.

Keep things positive, and always back up your attributes with real examples. After all, ‘increased revenue by X’ sounds a lot better than simply saying you’re a hard worker.

4| Keep it short

A good use of formatting is vital to a successful CV. Concentrate on the sections of your CV that provide clear and concise information about why you are the best person for this role. The key is to ‘cut the fat’. Ask yourself the question, ‘is this sentence relevant to the role that I’m applying for?’ If you find yourself saying no, then it shouldn’t make the final cut.

5| Check for errors & get an expert opinion

It can be difficult to spot the flaws in your own CV. After you have gone through your CV and feel confident have someone else read it and check for any errors. Alternatively,

if you’re ready to put your CV to the test, share it with the expert reviewers at TopCV.

So instead of agonising over every little detail, save time by letting experts point out exactly where you might be going wrong.

TopCV work with a team of expert CV writers to help people get their applications to the top of recruiters’ inboxes. Simply upload your CV to their site, and you’ll receive an expert CV review and evaluation within 72 hours – free of charge.

6| Precision

Seven seconds does not allow for detailed reading or comprehension, so you must aim to be as concise as possible in your application. Any unnecessary waffle or wordy-clutter will detract from the original and interesting points in your application, so avoid this at all costs.

7 | Perseverance

Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, dreams aren't made a reality overnight. Even the best candidates are up against a lot of competition in today's market. Don't become disheartened at a few rejections. Always take what you can from each encounter, if you didn't get a position, ask what would have made you a better candidate for the role and tailor your CV and interview approach for future opportunities. Sometimes there is nothing to improve, it's just down to the numbers. The most important thing is to send your CV out there, to employers, to recruiters, job sites; every contact is another chance to change your life.

I hope this helps you write your CVs with confidence, be yourself and let your CV reflect that. Last top tip is do not copy someone else's work as it won't separate you and highlight your key skills.

Thank you

Laurah Beechey

Founder and Management.

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