• Laurah Beechey

Managing Teams remotely.

Are you concerned that your staff are being less engaged and productive?

With an increasing number of staff working from home due to the current pandemic and national lockdown, companies have faced an increasing number of their staff working remotely. Whilst production and staying open is crucial especially in the health care and management sectors. Leaders and managers however have been raising concerns of lack of motivation and less performance from staff as they continue working remotely.

Below are some of our top tips to increase performance and productivity for remote work.

What to keep in mind - These are tough times and whilst we can embrace technology and focus on productivity it's important to value each individual's strength and personal circumstances.

Top Tips to increase performance ad improve morale.

1 Communication -Daily or weekly briefing is very important whilst working from home, due to family environments and everyday life occurrences (such as child minding, relative or loved ones feeling ill) can not be avoided which is why communication plays an important key to help establish realistic tasks and allow you to give appropriate support for your employees.

Points to communicate over briefing

- Monthly expectations for instance for seeing 2 months tasks in advance and giving deadlines will help shape the work and produce better work flow.

- Company values and how they matter not only for the staff but clients alike

- Monitoring your team and staff mental health, look out for and discuss matters such as Stress, Anxieties they might be facing with the changes and look into offering or referring your staff for counselling when needed.

- Discuss technology and let your staff communicate their experience with the companies systems

- Not all communication should be business, add in quiz nights and Friday zoom meetings and get everyone involved.

2 - Reward - Its easy to miss out on stress points and to generalise points over everyone during zoom calls or team meetings which why it's important for the growth and success of your company and the development of staff to individualise them.

Treat each staff member as an individual, this way individually the tasks will be more on track even for the most hardworking wolf members check in regularly and keep conversation confidential during other meetings. After understanding each individuals needs and keeping track of their tasks introducing reward systems allows your staff to not only complete tasks but keep your company values.

Ideas of rewards you can try:

-Staff of the week or month

- Introduce amazon vouchers

-Offer training for career development within the company

- Reward on behaviour and company values

-Add company party nights over zoom of course!

3 - Technology - If you were to tell me in 2018-2019 that most of us will be working at home and that companies will look more into technologies to keep staff and run the company remotely with no office hours! I would have assumed you were losing your mind!! 2020- 2021 has taught us the importance of embracing and moving with current trends and technologies. Embrace technologies such as Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, Slack, Trello and online landlines or mobiles for those important calls to keep on track of your projects and work flow whilst keeping your staff communication effectively.

4 - Motivate - With the right leadership and communications such as morning moral calls and/or end of work wrap up chats. These are tough times and its key to remember even the most resilient staff are bound to have bad days. Most of our clients have used this and are constantly checking on their staff making sure their on track and have clear set goals, Which in turn keeps all staff members on the same path and on top of their tasks.

What to include during motivational group meetings

- always add company values and add them on a daily basis.

-Repeat the points on company behaviours and whats expected of staff.

-Add personalised motto for each individual using powerful and positive words of encouragement (example - This weeks IT genius x has really performed well 0r our fierce HR team has really saved us this month)

Demonstrating this allows your staff to be more independent and highly driven adding high performance.

5 - Fun and flexibility –Allowing your staff to relax and rest allows them to enjoy work more and produce better results. Providing your staff with a fun and flexible work environment especially for parents has not only proved useful for their home environment but has increased better work results.

Tips on fun ideas and flexibilities

- Understand that staff with children need a flexible schedule to incorporate homeschooling, juggling kids offer an hour or two each day for home life (or extend break times)

- Offer staff half an hour to left their hair down in stressful situations and in addition check on them.

- Add in exercise time under company time

-Start online social nights such as bingo nights, quizzes to help boost morale on weekends

-Be flexible with your time too, if you can't answer a question during meetings offer a one to one when you can provide better answers.

-Another great tip is to offer online working space so they feel the office environment whilst working remotely.

These tips have proven effective and allows staff to look forward to work and communicate better.

6 - Easing into work office life

Sometimes we can't all afford to work from home especially in the health care and warehouse sectors as we have all experience its important to discuss points and clearly communicate mandatory rules for those working in office environments.

In the case of requiring staff in work - offer clear guidelines for Covid-19 secure procedures, reassure the safety procedures and make them mandatory

Tips to consider

Offer free disposable masks

Allow open discussions of concerns regarding safety

Mark office areas

Require staff to wear masks each time they leave their desk and in communal areas

Sign post areas for washing hands

Alternate coffee breaks or promote coffee breaks at their own desks

Sterling staffing solutions not only offer your company recruitment and Hr services but are there to help increase productivity and keep a healthy relationship for both clients and candidates alike. here are some final points and ideas for your team to sky rocket during lockdown.

Here is a quick summary

Communication and keeping your staff is key to a successful work team.

Treat your staff as an individual

make sure all technologies are in working order and offer extra help for those struggling

Check in with staff on regular basis

offer social meetings virtually

Communicate company values and expectations

Another great tip is to offer online working space so they feel the office environment whilst working remotely especially for new recruits its important offer more coaching and keep a more active management if needed

In the case of requiring staff in work - offer clear guidelines for Covid secure procedures and make sure your staff is safe.

Maintain the 2 meter rule at all times.

We hope these tips will help your company for more help contact us today 01492 550890

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