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Managing your mental health during Covid 19 

Now more than ever the job market is very stressful. With the current pandemic bringing uncertainty  to the job market, applying for work  even for the most qualified  and experienced jobseeker can be a challenge.


In addition to the job cuts and stress of uncertainty, it’s easy to see how it could have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing,


Here are some of our top tips on how to manage your mental health whilst jobseeking:

  • Find a proper workspace (that isn’t your bed)

  • Most companies are working fromome, be patient with responses 

  • Take care of your physical health, as well as your mental health

  • Try and add structure to your day 

  • Set realistic goals each day (e.g. sending five well-written, tailored applications)

  • Take an online course to add to your skillset (and your confidence levels)

  • Celebrate small successes – even if it’s just getting some feedback, or being asked to your first interview

  • Don’t overthink gaps in your CV – but do deal with them in the right way

  • If you have any mental health concerns at all, don’t panic. Recruiters can’t ask about this at an interview, so you don’t need to disclose any details unless they’re absolutely necessary (and you’re comfortable to do so.

  • Ask for help

  • Don't give up 


5 Qualities recruiters value 

As recruiters we come across thousands of CVS  and it can be difficult to separate generic CV's. Although knowledge and qualifications are the only factors a prospective recruiter is interested in – your personality also plays a big part in your suitability. 

To make sure you’re highlighting your personal qualities as well as your skills, here’s a re our top 5  personal qualities most valued by recruiters and empoyers:


Positivity - Attitude is everything be it the way you speak of your previous role, your body language or wording , being positive can imply a pessimistic attitude.

Adaptability- Change is a natural part of business being able to adapt to change makes you stand out more, Recruiters want to know you are flexible and capable to work in different environments (for instance working in a different ward, department or office) .

Adaptability is vital in almost every workplace.

Note : This just means you need to show you’re open to new things and willing to expand your knowledge.

Proactive - Showing leadership and enjoyment in the role Asking about the kind of work you’ll be doing and referring back to the job description wherever possible is a great way to demonstrate proactivity. It’ll also show you’ve thoroughly prepared and are passionate about what the job involves.

Confidence - Shine Shine Shine! Shinig is all about believing in yourself and with so many of us now interviewing remotely, confidence is an essential way of standing out. Speak clearly, positively and make sure you’re as relaxed and assured in your answers as possible.  

Personal qualities -Communicating both your skills and your personal qualities – and how you bring the two together – is a vital tool to help make your  interview more memorable. Not to mention help you succeed in your chosen role.

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Quarantine projects 

Goodbye 2020 hello 2021 and hopeful a step forward to vaccine s and fewer lockdowns! 

To help inspire you, here are new things you should definitely learn this year:

Computer skills- With almost every employer moving online its important  to know your way around technology or better yet study coding or offer IT support.

Human resources -  People management is at a time high, with lockdown in place companies are more than likely to  to hire aa more pro active HR team. A business wouldn’t be a business without HR.

And in uncertain times (essentially the whole of 2020), an efficient HR team is more important than ever in keeping employee morale high, ensuring businesses are compliant with new COVID-19 laws, and managing all things HR – entirely online.  So up your skills and train.